The Team

Dolittle is a small product development team. It comprises of three experienced developers, each with complementary skills and competencies, who share the same philosophy on how software should be built. We have the expertise, know-how and experience to jump start your development project!

Einar Ingebrigtsen Software Craftsman Infrastructure

Michael Smith Software Craftsman Domain Expert

Pavneet Singh Saund Software Craftsman Frontend

We believe...

...traditional software development focus too much on how software is constructed and not enough on what it is for.

We are committed to...

...a short iterative development process to ensure that we are always solving the most important problems.

We provide...

...a development team with a wide range of skills that all share the same core values and work in a complementary and harmonious manner.

How can we help?

Product Development

We can take your idea from initial concept to finished product. Working in close collaboration and with an emphasis on rapid feedback, we can help identify requirements, prioritise features and build a quality product.


Architectures are always unique to their concrete situation. However, there are architectural styles and core software development principles that should inform your choice of architecture. We can provide guidance and even open-sourced platforms aimed at creating a robust, flexible, scalable architecture specific to your needs.

Productivity Framework

Creating quality software requires a particular mindset and adherence to certain core principles. This informs everything from how you write your code, to what architectural decisions you make and what trade-offs you decide on. Guidance on this is often abstract and simplistic. We can show how this applies in the real world and help developers acquire the skills and understanding to build and maintain quality products.


We provide a range of tailored training courses covering patterns & practices, processes, architecture and more. Get in touch for more information.


We are available for ad-hoc consultancy. Get in touch for more information.


Get in touch

We believe that great things happen when the right people get together and work towards a common goal. We'd love to sit down and have a chat with you about your project and how we can bring it to life. Looking forward to getting in touch.