Digitalization as a service

We have cutting edge knowledge and hands-on experience in developing and operating business platforms and applications for cloud environments.

Dolittle is a Platform as a Service that helps you remove all the IT fuzz when you build your line-of-business applications.

Build faster

Make it simpler

Greater ROI

Innovate exponentially

Deploy new business models

About us

  • Picture of Arif Shafique

    Arif Shafique


    20 years in the industry with product development background. 12 years in Microsoft help building SaaS businesses with Nordic software companies.

  • Picture of Einar Ingebrigtsen

    Einar Ingebrigtsen


    23 years of enterprise software development. One of Microsoft highest rewarded cloud architects globally. Main developer of Dolittle open source platform.

  • Picture of Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    Chief Success Officer

    17 years for enterprise software development using event driven design principles. Part of core team developing Dolittle open source platform.

  • Picture of Vidar Aune Westrum

    Pavneet Singh Saund

    UX Lead

    12 years of enterprise software development. Member of the core development team at Komplett Group as Technical Team Lead. Focused on creating great user experiences through attending to folks needs.

  • Picture of Petri Wilhelmsen

    Petri Wilhelmsen

    VP Digital Twin

    12 years for development using 3D technology. Senior Program manager in Windows team Redmond working on digital twin using HoloLens, AR and VR.

  • Picture of Vidar Aune Westrum

    Vidar Aune Westrum

    Design Lead

    13 years of experience with enterprise web solutions with both internal and external users as target. UX and UI as main focus.