Equalizing the playing field

Our mission is to democratize software

We want to help any company retrofit their business apps to transact in real-time with digital services that create new revenue streams.

A company’s core business data often lives in existing software, yet is hard to use when creating new services. To us, that is not an equal playing field. We want to change that.

Dolittle provides a platform and tools that helps companies integrate with and compose new capabilities from existing software using digital building blocks.

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The values that drive everything we do

We iterate towards excellence

By breaking down complexity and seeking feedback we create cycles that drive better outcomes.

We share to empower others

By actively sharing ideas and information we build trust and inspire engagement.

We allow curiosity to drive us

By exploring different perspectives when faced with new challenges we learn and grow.

Meet the team

Helen Marttila
Front-End Developer
Petri Wilhelmsen
Senior Program Manager
Magne Helleborg
Tech Lead
Liam Flood
Business Developer
Jovana Pavic
UX-UI Designer
Ingunn Klerck Helseth
Head of Product
Elias Schnéevoigt
Principal Engineer
Bridget Price
UX-UI Designer
Oksana Tolmachova
Senior Engineer
Jakob Høgenes
Lead Platform Engineer
Sindre Alstad Wilting
Platform Engineer
Arif Shafique
Co-Founder & CEO
Gøran Hansen
Chief Technology Officer
Max Konyukh
Senior Developor
Tore Eggen
Chief Product Officer
Liz Brenner
Design Lead
Pavneet Singh Saund
Tech Lead
Joel Hoisko
Platform Engineer
Paul White
Head of Marketing & Sales
Soumik Ghosh Moulic
Front-End Developer
Victor Strandmoe
Senior Developer
Parham Barazesh
Platform Developer

Interested in joining our company?

We’re always looking for top talent to join our team. Send us an email with your CV and why you think we’d be a good match.

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