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Event-Driven Architecture will change the way you see technology
While a lot of people now have access lot of data it is hard to extract and pinpoint meaningful information -or events. . We do not think neither people nor organizations should be driven Data-Driven. They should  be Event-Driven. Events in terms of valuable information that can be used to gain competitive advantage.  Through the years, we have met a lot of executives, struggling with the once bleeding edge technology, now turned legacy. A lot of them have old systems, combined with new innovation and other digital services that fits somewhere in between.

Digital services and applications are often built using different security measures, architectures and techniques that does not easily fit together. IT is struggling to manage the technical stack and spends a lot of money each year trying to streamline and innovate at the same time. They simply lack a common standard- or framework.

Digital services built using the Dolittle Framework enables cross-collaboration and information sharing, while allowing all your digital services to remain independent of each other, both in terms of value and scale.
Our team loves to turn complexity into simplicity, while connecting the missing link between business and technology. With Dolittle, developers get to focus on what they like, writing code and solving problems, instead of maintaining old software and spending time on creating basic functionality.  The business gets easy access to valuable data in real time and can react to change faster. Technical environments are easily managed with a streamlined technical stack. Event Driven Architecture also provides the unique opportunity to discover new business models, using combinations of data you already have.
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