Reinventing the wheel is never productive

End-to-End Platform

The more data and digital business you generate, the harder it is to capture real-time context. Dolittle is an End-to-End platform for building and managing Event-Driven Microservices Applications. We want to empower developers by making it easy to create great software without reinventing the wheel and enable the connection between existing products and new ideas.

Open Sourced Framework

Our open-source framework lets you compose your software from smaller services that produce and respond to business events in real-time. Having many services moves complexity out of the services and into the interactions between them. We take care of those interactions. This makes software written with Dolittle easier to understand and maintain. 

Event Driven Architecture

Our approach to system/application design is based using business events - meaning anything that happens that provides value to your business, like a notification or state change.. We make it easy to use this advanced architectural pattern by taking care of the streaming, storing and transfer of events between the services you make. You just make the business logic.

Decoupling & Microservices

EDA promotes loose coupling! The event-producers are unaware and independent of any event-subscribers. This makes event-driven architecture far better suited for distributed applications than traditional request-response models. EDA is open for expansion and closed for modification taken to its conclusion. Cross-cutting concerns like audit trails come for free with EDA, which comes in handy when facing compliance requirements like GDPR.

Decoupling provides many benefits. It makes it possible to break a big system into smaller, focused components that can be assembled and composed together in any way one wants to. This is at the core of what is referred to as Microservices.  Another key benefit is the opportunity to scale each individual service independently, rather than scaling a big system (often referred to as monolith) equally across a number of machines. This provides higher density, better resource utilization and ultimately better cost control.
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