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There will be 85.2 million unfulfilled tech jobs by 2030 leading to $8.5 trillion in lost revenue annually.

60% of enterprises want to build applications on their enterprise systems. This is hard due to the complexity of the task combined with a skills shortage.

Dolittle solves this problem with a low code platform that connects with enterprise systems, such as ERP, and which empowers developers to build new applications quickly and easily.  

Our platform is unique because we use an event-driven architecture to enable real-time and scalable interactions. 

Why do more when you can Dolittle?

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ERP Briefing Note

Liam Flood

Head of Operations

This note draws on Gartner research specifically their 2022 Strategic Roadmap for ERP. It describes the market opportunity for Dolittle.

Dolittle is Selected by Newchip

Paul White

Head of Marketing & Sales

With assistance from the Newchip Accelerator, we are looking forward to bringing our robust Norwegian technology to the US and beyond.

EDA — The paradigm shift we’ve been waiting for

Arif Shafique

Co-Founder & CEO

Phil Karlton once said; there are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. I want to add one more thing to that

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