The Event-Driven Architecture approach was crucial to Wilhelmsen's choice of Dolittle as a development partner. Dolittle's platform made it possible to develop the service as narrowly as possible, without imposing restrictions on further development.

Wilhelmsen Marine Products partnered with Dolittle to digitize the lifecycle of mooring ropes worldwide.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen is one of the largest maritime companies in the world, with presence in over 70 countries. The Wilhelmsen Group's ambition is to shape the maritime industry through innovation, expertise and quality-leading products and services.

A critical but often overlooked factor in the shipping industry is the mooring ropes. A broken mooring rope can have disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is imperative to have complete control and overview of the entire life cycle of all ropes in use. From acquisition to use, and when they should be replaced.

Today, there are regulations for what should be logged, so that one can control the condition of each mooring rope.However, the regulations do not say anything about how this should be documented. The consequence is that ships, ports and inspectors must deal with different ways of keeping a log.  

Line Management Plan

The result of the collaborative work between The Wilhelmsen Marine Products and Dolittle resulted in an app called The Line Management Plan. The purpose is to simplify,shorten and replace the manual logging of the mooring ropes.

Arif Shafique, CEO Dolittle

Maximum focus on doing the minimum

A small team from Wilhelmsen Marine Products reached out to Dolittle to design an application that could replace the manual logging that was partly done on paper and partly on spreadsheets.  

The strategy was to initially develop an application that would only log the mooring ropes. At the same time, it was crucial that new features and functionality could be added overtime. The decision was to develop the new application on Dolittle's framework, which is based on an Event-Driven Architecture.

The transition from monolithic application development, to developing several smaller applications that communicate with each other, introduces some new challenges. Dolittle's expertise and platform have been developed precisely to enable new applications to be developed quickly, in what many will experience as uncharted waters, says Arif Shafique, Co-founder and CEO of Dolittle.

Tore Eggen, VP Products Dolittle

After jointly agreeing on what to solve, we worked together on developing what is known as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The collaboration with Wilhelmsen on focusing on the most important was a decisive success factor, which led us to launch the product to selected customers in an extremely short time, says Tore Eggen, Vice President Products at Dolittle.

Increased safety and security

Shortly after the start of the project, Dolittle and Wilhelmsen Marine Products were ready with a Minimum Viable Product version. After positive feedback from a few selected customers, the The Line Management Plan application was launched officially in February 2020.  

Magnus Dickens, Venture Lead Wilhelmsen MP
Magnus Dickens: Venture Lead st Wilhelmsen Marine Products

By quickly launching a first version and carefully listen to all the feedback, we could adapt and create the product together with the users. This co-creation keeps guiding us as we continuously deploy updates and test new features with a growing user base, says Magnus Dickens, Venture Lead at Wilhelmsen Marine Products

In just a few months, the application is on track to be applied on nearly 100 ships worldwide. The ambitions and the potential are much bigger. Wilhelmsen Marine Products strongly believes that this smart way to log the life cycle of mooring ropes will gain traction and be applied across the industry with it being relevant for the 55.000 plus vessels plying in international waters.  

Makes port inspectors sleep better

The feedback from the customers has been very positive. Inspectors in different ports around the world have expressed their enthusiasm for The Line Management application. They are first and foremost appreciative for how this application gives them a better overview and hence increases safety. The latter is very important as the inspectors are directly responsible for the mooring ropes when they are applied to their port. Their worst nightmare is that a mooring ope will break, causing accidents and loss of life.

A narrow focus based on Event-Driven Architecture

The Event-Driven Architecture approach was crucial to Wilhelmsen's choice of Dolittle as a development partner. Dolittle's platform made it possible to develop the service as narrowly as possible, without imposing restrictions on further development.  

For Wilhelmsen Marine Products, the plan is to use customer experience during 2020 to further develop the application with new features and functionalities, without affecting the use of The Line Management application in day-to-day operations.

To learn more about Event-Driven Architecture and Dolittle's platform, contact Dolittle now.