Our Company Roadmap

Our roadmap supports the product’s vision and helps product owners keep their stakeholders aligned. It makes it easier to coordinate the development of product features and aligns teams in common understanding of focus and goals. We want to make it public to our customers to be fully transparent and to manage our customers’ expectations.


What we are currently working on solving

Webhooks integration for M3


M3 and other systems core to your business have loads of data. They also continuously process changes that have tremendous value for other applications to react to. We will take advantage of the M3 support for webhooks to make it easy for you to stream changes in M3 and turn them into events that other applications can leverage.

Create business moments


As we are expanding what Systems of Record you can easily connect to, bringing data and changes into Dolitte - we want to make sure that you have a simple process to define the actual business moments you want other applications to react to.

Create new microservice


Whether it's an adapter for integration, a small service or a fancy application - we want to make sure setting up a new microservice is easy and straightforward through Dolittle Studio.

View your microservices


Get an overview of all your running microservices in Dolittle Studio.

View microservice logs and version


Easily get access to logs produced by your microservices and applications through Dolittle Studio.

Connect runtimes over event horizon


Simplify and reduce the work needed to create an event horizon, so that microservices can subscribe to events emitted from another microservice and start talking in real-time without being tightly coupled.

Ability to turn on/off features in production


Self-service feature-toggling for your applications through Dolittle studio. These feature-flags can then be used when building your application logic.


What we believe are the next things to solve, given what we know today

Visualise business moments for applications


Make it possible to show events in real-time through the application monitor in Studio as they happen.

Self-service integration with M3 using REST APIs


Create support for REST API integration with M3 through Studio.

Event migration


Event Migration provides the capability of mutating your events without having to replay the entire event stream.


What we believe are good ideas and want to prioritise in the future

Business moments catalogue


A catalogue of business moments that other applications can leverage from, such as currency, weather report, happenings, etc.

User management


User management is currently done manually. This feature will make it possible for application owners to do this in Studio.

Studio flow for product owners


Dolittle Studio is a tool for designing and developing your application and enables business owners and developers one common workspace for application development.